Glavna slika za - OUR DELICACIES  You can prepare your own meals in the apartments. If desired, we offer our homemade food (potatoes, vegetables, eggs, milk, ...).

However, we can also take care of you.

For breakfast we serve products prepared exclusively on our farm.

We will spoil you with homemade rye bread. Bread is baked in the wood oven with firewood.

It's baked after the old recipe, which makes it possible to keep its freshness for several days and even after a few days is equally tasty as the first day.

Spruce and pine logs make bread taste and smell like home-made.

We are preparing dried meat products, cottage cheese, yogurt and butter from out of domestic cow milk.

As a specialty of our farm, we serve sour milk and buckwheat mush.

Very good and tasty are cottage cheese dumplings.

For lunch or dinner we prepare traditional Carinthian dishes such as: 'mežerli' (mincemeat dish) , 'r'pičeva' soup (potato soup), beef soup, beef with horseradish bread, roast potatoes and sauté potatoes, 'kvočavi nudlni' (pear dumplings).

From berries (red and black currants, raspberries and blackberries) and plums we are preparing jams, which we like to offer for breakfast, together with homemade butter and fresh bread.

Nearby forests are offering 'black wealth' - or blueberries. 'Črnice' as they call them in our country. From these tiny fruits empowering, finger licking good jam is made.

Quench your thirst with an excellent apple cider and juice, which are produced from the fruits from our orchard.

Water from the forest spring is also refreshing.

For dessert try the walnut cake from the baker's oven.