Glavna slika za - WORK GOOD  We are working with commitment and responsibility.

By 2014, we started organic-farming.

We got a certificate for organic (eco) farming.

On the farm we have a long and rich tradition of baking bread and pastries in the traditional way.

Since 2005, we participate in the evaluation and exhibition 'Delicacies of Slovenian farms' in Ptuj.

Since then, we have received five quality labels for the following products:

leavened walnut croissants (2008)

coconut croissants (2011)

spelt biscuits (machine made) (2011)

homemade biscuits (machine made) (2014)

homemade rye bread (2015)

Sign of quality is granted when you get three gold awards in a row for each product.

We have acquired a national vocational qualification (NVQ) - the fruit processor.

We also received a gold award for blueberry jam (2x), plum jam (2x), plum brandy and a silver award for cider.