Glavna slika za - ECO-TOURIST FARM GRADIŠNIK  Eco-tourist farm is situated on Jamnica, a beautiful mountain village above Prevalje.

 Along the slopes of the village are fields and forests.

Environment of the farmhouse is surrounded by coniferous forests, which give their green beauty even in winter, when nature rests.

 In the courtyard you are first greeted by old Carinthian granary, which is serving its purpose for centuries.

 Just before the farmhouse there is a chapel from the early 20th century that has recently been restored.

 Tidy house, our home, under its roof also accepts guests who would like to learn about life on the farm or come to us only on vacation.

 Children are looking forward to seeing many pets.

 Together with their parents they may feed cows and give milk to calf, scatter the grains of wheat to and collect eggs from nests.

 We must not forget the always hungry piglets.

 Sheep graze diligently and if they are brought a piece of bread they gladly come and allow stroking their soft wool.

 Ducks proudly walk around the yard and they look for pests.

 When you sit down on a bench in front of the house some kitty might sneak into your arms, then role into a ball and will peacefully purr.

 The liveliness on the farm ensures our four children, who appreciate the company of their peers and quickly show their homestead.

 Grandfather and grandmother ensure that the memories of the past are not forgotten.

 Lord and his housewife provide a good mood and full stomachs to leave us with beautiful memories.

 Welcome to eco-tourist farm Gradišnik.